A downloadable game

This Is a protoype and Is known to have bugs 

couple known bugs are  the ai for one its still broken at the release so I made the game based of time.  The boss wont appear until you enter the vehicle ,and also there is a bug with entering the vehicle and sometimes you may have to do it multiple times(press q ).


There are approximately 4,071,000 miles (6,552,000 km) of roads in the United States . But there are some roads that should never be driven on and should probably take a detour. This is one of those roads and its name is Old Foamy Road  and it has a small creek that foams up under the bridge where it gets its name foamy from. Locals say that this road is haunted and cases of bodies and mutilated animal parts are known to show up.  

people who dare take the road report that they can summon the goat man by parking there vehicle Turing off the lights and honking 3 times . When they turn the lights on the demon can been seen. 

You take the Role as a man passing through when trouble strikes you got a flat and out of all places. But something doesn't feel to right better change that tire quick and get out of here 

How To Play 

W- Move foward

A&D-Side movement

S-Move Backwards 

E- Turn on flash Light

Q-To pick  up Items(Hold) and Enter Vehicle 

 Vehicle Controls :

W-Move Foward 

A&D to turn  

Mini Dev Log 

Like the story want more paranormal cases check out my one script jam entry about a possible UFO abduction  



paranormalcases.zip 56 MB

Development log


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Story looked awesome, too bad I din't get to play, pretty sure there was a ghost of a horse there too, ehehe...Made you a lil video: 

Thanks for playing! I know its a buggy mess but I appreciate you recording game play as it was super helpful 

Ah good to hear! < 3